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I had a phone call not so long ago asking me if I was an editorial photographer from Glasgow. The job was to photograph some portraits of YouTube star, Jamie Genevieve. It was from a company that was filming a documentary for the BBC and they wanted some editorial portraits to accompany the film. Although I am a hopeless YouTube addict, I have to admit, I had never heard of Jamie before. Obviously, that was about to change.

Glasgow Editorial Photographer BK Photography

Meeting with Jamie for an editorial shoot in Glasgow

On the way out to Jamie’s home-based studio, I was a bit nervous. That’s nothing new. I always have a few butterflies fluttering away in my stomach before a photoshoot. Having spoken with my 11-year-old daughter who is a massive fan of Jamie (and of course, Jack and Drogba), I was informed that I was being bestowed with the greatest of all accomplishments, I was going to meet Jamie Genevieve! Jamie in the short space of time had gathered over 750,000 subscribers to her channel. Her Instagram boasts over a million followers. What an achievement. Needless to say, the butterflies were flapping about a wee bit more that day.

Jamie Genevieve by Glasgow based Editorial Photographer, BK Photography

Working with a new generation of celebrity

Jamie Genevieve is the new breed of celebrity. When I was growing up, everybody wanted to be a rock ‘n’ roll or movie star. Speak with any of the kids today and they’ll tell you they want to be YouTuber. We had a great time during the shoot. My cringy dad jokes made sure the smile and laughs were genuine and I feel I captured her big personality. I have to say, it has inspired me. I think I may have to revisit and freshen up my very own YouTube channel. Stay tuned for that one…

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