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BK Photography is a sophisticated and trustworthy professional portrait photographer company based in Clydebank, Greater Glasgow, Scotland.


 What is a Portrait Photographer?

Commercial Portrait Photography is the skilful art of capturing an individual’s character while at work, in their corporate environment. Whether it be for a headshot, artistic portfolio, for business identification purposes, or to display as an image inspiring to others of your company’s corporate lifestyle, these work-life environmental portraits help encourage the humanity of a business. 

Professionally taken commercial portrait photography sessions can be utilised by companies to add both a trustworthy and friendly face to their brand and their employees. Furthermore, portrait photo shoots encourage a strong sense of connection between employees and consumers. Moreover, BK Photography offers black and white portrait photography edits. Shot in black and white remain at the high of popularity due to their capability to promote the stylish and sophistication of headshot portraits.


Why choose BK Photography for Portraiture?

Sourcing an accomplished portrait photographer ensures the incorporation and utilisation of essential elements such industry appropriate backdrops and complimentary light sources such as studio lighting. BK Photography’s exceptional expertise in all aspects of professional photography has presented us with great opportunities and rewarding challenges all over the globe. The BK Photography studio is delighted to have worked with such a diverse range of clientele on their commercial portrait photography projects, including credible actors headshots and reputable, award-winning businesses such as the BBC, Amazon, Esure and Network Rail.

Despite our considerable capability working within a studio environment, BK Photography strongly encourages capturing an individual’s portrait when they are in their commercial setting. Effectively photographed portraits can convey more about a business and the nature of their work, providing a real insight into a day in life and the individuals that work there – therefore, it is of the utmost importance for the photograph to feel natural.


BK Photography, a Leading Portrait Photographer in Glasgow

Here at BK Photography, we pride ourselves on working in a way that is both exceedingly professional but enjoyable for us and our photo subjects. We understand that upholding such an approach to photography sessions evokes an unmatched confidence and comfortability within our clients. When combined with the team’s creative instinct and strategic skills in all aspects of photography, this makes for incredible personable and stunning portraits that would be complimentary wherever displayed. 

As a result of BK Photography’s accumulated and extensive experience in the photography industry, we are continually eager to take on new challenges in all aspects of portraits. It is a passion to bring to life the creative intentions of a portrait photography shoot and to perfectly capture the personality of a subject client when in their commercial setting. 

Should you wish to find out more information on recruiting a skilled portrait photographer based in Glasgow, or for any of the digital services offered by BK Photography, simply visit our ‘contact us page‘ today.


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