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Glasgow Landscape Photographer | BK Photography

Professional Landscape Photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland

As a Glasgow based professional landscape photographer. I am truly fortunate. Living in a country with such natural beauty as Scotland. It’s certainly hard not to fall in love landscape photography. One of the many advantages of having my business in Glasgow is its surroundings. Renowned throughout the world for its rolling hills and awe-inspiring lochs. The UK’s fourth-largest National Park just a short journey from my premises. Another advantage is the city’s airport. Again, only fifteen minutes away. Great if there is a need to fly to a far off destination. Equally great if you are flying in. Large companies have used my award-winning images for environmental marketing campaigns. They have appeared in articles in magazines and my very own book. As well as being popular with clients who wish to have a wee bit of Scotland hanging from their wall.

With the result of a growing market in outdoor leisure, many companies are looking for content creators. Photographing equipment and clothing using these beautiful landscapes as a backdrop is excellent for creating interest. For example, you have a new product you want to advertise, possibly on a crowd-funded website. What better way to illustrate how practical and functional it is? Being immersed in outdoor activities, I have travelled throughout Scotland. From the snowy mountains of Glencoe to the white sandy beaches of the Outer Hebrides. I know of many great locations that will fit your brand. Similarly, whisky and gin distillers and marketers could benefit from this also. Why not take your product to the next level.

BK Photography has an extensive portfolio and is always on the lookout to add more. So, if you are looking for a photographer for an outdoor photoshoot, please get in touch.  We would love to chat with you.


January 10, 2019


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