Jamie Genevieve | Editorial Portraits


Jamie Genevieve | Editorial Portraits

I had a phone call not so long ago asking me if I was able to take some editorial portraits of YouTube star, Jamie Genevieve. It was from a company who was filming a documentary for the BBC (which airs on BBC Scotland, Monday 25 February at 11pm) and they wanted some editorial portraits to accompany the film. Although I am a hopeless YouTube addict,  I have to admit,  I had never heard of Jamie before.  Obviously, that was about to change.

On the way out to Jamie’s home-based studio, I was a bit nervous. That’s nothing new. I always have a few butterflies fluttering away in my stomach before a photo shoot. Having spoken with my 11-year-old daughter who is a massive fan of Jamie (and of course, Jack and Drogba), I was informed that I was being bestowed with the greatest of all accomplishments, I was going to meet Jamie Genevieve! Jamie in the short space of time had gathered over 750,000 subscribers to her channel. Her Instagram boasts over a million followers. What an achievement. Needless to say, the butterflies were flapping about a wee bit more that day.

Jamie Genevieve is the new breed of star. When I was growing up, everybody wanted to be a rock ‘n’ roll or movie star. Speak with any of the kids today and they’ll tell you they want to be YouTuber. We had a great time during the shoot. My cringy dad jokes made sure the smile and laughs were genuine and I feel I captured her big personality. I have to say, it has inspired me. I think I may have to revisit and freshen up my very own YouTube channel. Stay tuned…

Here are some of my favourites images from the editorial portraits that I made that day.



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