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BK Photography is a sophisticated and trustworthy professional Industrial photographers from Glasgow, Scotland.


 What is an Industrial Photographer?

An Industrial Photographer is the specific practice of servicing industrial trade professionals through the photography and documentation of their industrial landscapes and any significant and specialist aspects within their sector. Commonly utilised by trade heavy industry corporations and other reputable professionals, Industrial Photography is the niche process of producing photographic materials that will be used either internally by the likes of project managers, employees or by the recipients of crucial tenders. Upon undertaking a new industrial photography project, the team here at BK Photography will work with our clients to establish what they want to derive from an industrial product photography shoot and to understand how they intend to use the photographs – this enables us to tailor our service, to deliver the best outcome in pictures. 

Quality Industrial Photography is ultimately an investment for your business. The BK Photography team is fully insured and readily equipped with industry-leading editorial skills and appliances, including exceedingly sophisticated lighting and cameras of the highest quality. Our sophisticated level of skill and professionalism has enabled the BK Photography studio to have worked with a broad and diverse range of clients on their industrial photography projects, including the likes of credible corporations such as Network Rail and ESure – as industrial structure and industrial landscape photographers; this is something we are exceedingly proud of.


Why choose BK Photography?

Here at BK Photography, we pride ourselves on working in a way that is both exceedingly professional and competent in bringing to life the creative intentions of a businesses industrial structure or industrial landscape photography project. Particularly regarding both company handbooks and for the purposes of conducting important presentations, we understand the significance of perfectly capturing our industrial photography subjects and their environment. When combining a company’s ethos with the creative instinct and skill of our highly sought after photography team, our photo prints are a sure way to demonstrate unmatched degrees of professionalism and sophistication amongst your company. 

Having accumulated over 15 years of extensive experience working within the Photography industry, the BK Photography team is continually eager to take on new challenges in Industrial Photography and all other styles of commercial photography. Drawing from the learnings of our many previous shoots enables us to optimally photograph Industrial photography projects in a way that demonstrates both progression and protocol, in addition to any industry-specific aspects.


BK Photography, a Leading Industrial Photographer in Glasgow

If you are looking to enquire further with BK Photography regarding the hiring of one of our considerably skilled photographers, contact the team today. In addition to producing incomparable industrial photography prints, we offer a range of other digital services. Upon consultation, our team will work to understand what you require the industrial style photographs to achieve – in addition to the ways in which we can bring the creative intentions of your shoot to life. The BK Photography team will then provide you with a quote, free of charge! With this in mind, please use our ‘contact page‘ for more details. 


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