How photography benefits SEO | BK Photography

What is SEO?

Have you ever wondered how photography benefits the SEO of your website? Over the years, I have been delving more and more into the world of SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving how your website performs with online platforms such as Google & Bing (I guess some people use Bing?). Obviously, running a successful business online is still new for many people. Having a good looking website these days just isn’t enough to attract interest. Content, keywords, links & loading times are all important when trying to improve your website’s ranking. Needless to say, a website that performs well is a fantastic way to market your business.


The Look & Function of your Website

As a photographer, I rely greatly on word of mouth for work. I also receive a lot of enquiries that are generated by online searches. As you can imagine, a well-constructed website can bring you a lot of attention. Many of my clients are aware of this and use my services to enhance the look of their online presence. Having high-quality images not only builds instant trust with potential customers, but it also appears that using stock images can actually harm your SEO. Web developers are in particular guilty of using stock images when designing websites.


Content is King

Search engines are getting smarter by the day. Lots of the old tricks from the early days to move your website up the ladder are now frowned upon. Google crawls sites looking for the best answers to your searches. Using new technology, Google can read the content of your photos. Needless to say, using duplicate confuses the algorithms. Two different companies using the same stock photos is more common than you think.

Investing in your Business

The best way to avoid these problems is by using high-quality original photography. There is no better way to showcase your services and products than by having a professional photographer capture them for you. Not only will you create a visually pleasing website, but it will also aid your visibility online organically.  The benefits to your SEO make it a great investment for you and your business. Please get in touch below to learn more about what BK Photography can do for you.