Grow Your Business with 5 Content Creation Tips


Grow Your Business with 5 Content Creation Tips

Ever thought how content creation can expand your online presence? Try these top 5 content creation tips to take things to the next level. Creating original on-brand quality photo and video content will help you build trust with your audience. Not only will it look good, but it will also perform better with online search engines. By following these five simple tips, you too can easily up your game.

Tip 1 – Use relevant, high-quality images and video for content creation

When you post content on your website, social media, blog posts and other marketing platforms, make sure it’s closely connected to your business. Keeping things relevant to your target audience will hold their interest for longer. You want to make sure it has a clear message to what you’re trying to put across. Remember, people don’t hang about for long online, so use your time wisely. Trying to over complicate things will only confuse. Keeping the content to a high standard will only reinforce your professionalism. Subpar photos and video will create distrust. Therefore, always make sure it looks good and stays on brand.




Tip 2 – Post Engaging Content Regularly

In addition to using high-quality material, you must also post regularly.  As the old saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”. Steady posts will help you stay engaged with your followers. Furthermore, it also helps with SEO as search engines love to see activity on your social sites.

Similarly, participating in the comments will establish or maintain relationships. It’s good practice to answer any queries that might arise in the comment section. It shows accountability. Of course, staying polite and friendly at all times should go without saying.




Tip 3 – Optimise your content for size and speed

This tip is particularly essential when it comes to proper SEO for your website. Files with significant size will harm website loading times. This problem is especially tricky when using video. Not only is bad for user experience, but it’s a big no-no when it comes to how you rank on Google. Finding the right ratio between file size and image quality can be difficult. You will more than likely need to play around with settings till you find a happy medium between the two. Editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro have options that will get the job done.




Tip 4 – Using Alt tags and Custom Names

Although it seems simple enough, it’s often overlooked. Correctly naming your files will assist browsers in describing the image or what the photo is representing. Text-only browsers require alt tags or if there are any problems downloading images. Another benefit is assisting users who are visually impaired who need screen readers. Thus, renaming your content from their generic files names and adding alt tags with keywords will help drive traffic to your website. Keep your new file names specific, and your alt tags must be fewer than 125 characters.




Tip 5 – Hire a professional for your content creation

Finally, we have reached our tip number 5. I have saved the best for last.  The easiest way to create high-quality, engaging, well-optimised content is to hire a content creation professional. Running a business is hard work. Time is at a premium. Outsourcing your photography and video makes sense. When you’re looking for a content creator, you should make sure they have the correct tools, knowledge and experience to perform the task at hand. BK Photography has created content for companies such as Amazon, Esure, Abellio, Story Contracting and Cigna insurance. Projects have included promotions, recruitment, social events and business portraits. Video also works incredibly well to introduce products, venues and staff. Highlighting your best assets will impact positively on your online presence.  With this in mind, please get in contact if you wish to speak further. BK Photography has content creation packages to suit small to large businesses in Glasgow and central Scotland.






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