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BK Photography is a team of sophisticated and trustworthy professional corporate photographers in the UK.


 What is a Corporate Photographer?

Corporate Photography is the practice of photographing individuals in the working or business environment and the surrounding vital components of their industry; therefore, it is a service typically endorsed by all assortments of companies. Through the utilisation of BK Photography’s industry-leading skill set, our studio can use Corporate Photography to accurately demonstrate both the character and values of our corporate company clients.  

A diverse aspect of the photography profession, Corporate Photography includes documentation of critical presentations, professional corporate headshots, grand openings, team building activities, advertisement materials and business lifestyle. Furthermore, BK Photography extends its services to event photography for corporate clientele. As leading corporate event photographers in Glasgow, we are exceptionally confident in our ability to produce conscious and business-appropriate prints, perfectly encompassing your brand.


Why choose BK Photography?

Similar to that of portrait photography, corporate or business, headshots are among the most prevalent photography services offered by BK Photography; specialist corporate headshot photographers. As an industry-leading portrait photographer based in Glasgow, our skill encourages personal branding and enables companies to make a great first impression. We are exceedingly confident in our ability to capture both the professional manner of corporate headshot photography and the special moments of lavish company events – all of which will be eligible for utilisation across all social media and business platforms.

The BK Photography team is fully insured and readily equipped with industry-leading editorial skills and appliances, including professional lighting and top of the range cameras. With our unmatched level of professionalism and sophisticated skill set as a team, the BK Photography studio is proud to have worked with a diverse range of credible clientele on their Corporate Photography, including the BBC, Amazon, Network Rail and Esure. Upon undertaking a new corporate photography project, BK Photography will work with the client to establish the intentions of a shoot and the ways in which our creative direction can be tailored to deliver the best outcome of pictures whilst encompassing the character of the company.


BK Photography, a Leading Corporate Photographer in Glasgow

Here at BK Photography, we pride ourselves on working in a way that is both exceedingly professional but enjoyable for us and our photo subjects. We understand the importance of blending in and helping our subjects to feel comfortable for the photography prints to feel natural and effortless. Upholding such an approach, in combination with our creative instinct and industry-leading skills, enables us to produce incredible corporate shots of which will be complimentary and encompassing of the business in question. 

Having accumulated extensive experience in the Photography industry, the BK team is continually eager to take on new challenges in Corporate photography. The utilisation of our learnings from past projects enables us to optimally photograph Corporate settings and events to provide an insight into the lifestyle of your company. Should you wish to enquire regarding the recruitment of a skilled Corporate Photographer in Glasgow, or for any of the digital services offered by BK Photography, simply visit our ‘contact us’ page. The BK team will be able to discuss your project and offer you a quote free of charge.


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