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BK Photography is a sophisticated and trustworthy architectural professional photographer based in Clydebank, Greater Glasgow, Scotland.


 What is an Architectural Photographer?

Architectural Photography is the professional practice of photographing buildings and other industry associated structures; therefore, it is a service typically endorsed by the likes of Housing Developers and Estate Agents, in addition to other architectural and interior design professionals. Through the utilization of BK Photography’s industry leading skill set, our studio can produce professional photographs of Architecture, which promote visual impact and accentuate the desirability of the built environment whilst accurately documenting the structural points that are considered essential to the relevant development and sales professionals. Needless to say, when you’re looking to bring interest and visibility to your project, make sure you hire a specialist Architectural Photographer.


Why choose BK Photography?

Investing in a professional architectural photographer can considerably amplify the desirability of a subject building or structure. It will ensure that the photographs are high-quality images that demonstrate progression in order for them to be eligible for use in a professional manner – such as for presentations and marketing materials. Additionally, when developed to black and white, it can enhance architecture photography further to demonstrate the sophistication of a site or structure. 

The BK Photography team is rife with technical expertise pre and post-production, fully insured and readily equipped with industry-leading editorial skills and appliances, including professional lighting and top of the range cameras. Owed to our sophisticated skill and level of professionalism, the BK Photography studio is exceptionally proud to have worked with an array of diverse clientele on their architectural and commercial photography projects. Upon undertaking a new architectural photography project, BK’s commercial photographers will work closely with clients to establish the intentions of a shoot and how our creative direction can be tailored to deliver the best outcome of pictures.


BK Photography, a Leading Architectural Photographer in Glasgow

Here at BK Photography, we pride ourselves on our close attention to detail and working in a way that is both exceedingly professional and capable of captivating the eye of the intended audience, such as prospective property purchasers or investors. For display and marketing purposes, we understand the significance of perfectly capturing buildings and structures. When combining the likes of a desirable development with our photography team’s creative instinct and skill, our prints are sure to demonstrate both the sophistication and style of a structure. 

Having accumulated extensive experience in the Photography industry, the BK team is continually eager to take on new challenges in all aspects of photographing Architectural structures. The utilization of our learnings from past architectural projects and case studies enables us to optimally photograph buildings and structures in a way that amplifies desirability.


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