Advertising Photographer Glasgow


Advertising Photographer Glasgow

Cheers for the beers

First of all, as a Glasgow advertising photographer, not all products are the same. When I was offered to the job of shooting beer, I was over the moon. What can better photographing a few beers for the guys over at Lerwick Brewery? The Brewery is based in Shetland which is an island located off Scotland’s northeast mainland. Their first beer was released in 2013 and they have done tremendously well in such a small space of time. Mainly due to the unique tasting beverages.

Taster’s choice

The first beer up is 60º North. A beautiful lager which I would say was actually a bit more of a pale ale with its full flavour and golden appearance. Next up is Skipper’s Ticket. This one is labelled a pale ale but in my opinion more of a brown ale. A fruity taste with hints of spice. Last of the three beers is Tushkar, the strongest ABV and as well as my favourite. It’s an oatmeal stout with a malty chocolate taste with a hint of coffee. A perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness. I would definitely recommend any of the three beers, but like most things in life, it’s up to you what one you would like the best.

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder

Finally, for the photoshoot itself, we captured some of the images in our studio in Glasgow on a white background. For the studio shoot, I was very fortunate to have Ken of Gate Creative on hand to lend his knowledge and experience. Working as an advertising photographer is always helpful to learn from such skilled craftsmen. Next up was the outdoor shoot. This required a bit of location scouting. Putting on my hillwalking boots we found a waterfall nearby which suited the beer perfectly. Thankfully, there were a few beers left over after all the hard work was done. Cheers!

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