About Me

Brian Konstantinou

My name is Brian Konstantinou and I am BK Commercial Photography. Based in Glasgow, I am a full-time commercial photographer and I work throughout Scotland or wherever my work takes me.


Known for my bright and vibrant images, creative flair, and stylish post-production work, my commercial photography has taken me across the United Kingdom and even abroad for client projects.


I gained an HND with merit in Professional Photography and Imaging in the City, awards I am extremely proud of.


After graduating, I was lucky enough to specialise in PR and Portraiture before going on to manage the photography department for Europe’s largest IT re-seller for nearly a decade.


Through a combination of experience and my creative eye, I have carved out a successful career as a full-time corporate, location and music, product and portrait photographer and I am always looking ahead for the next challenge.


About image by Jeff Mosier

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